Tips for Caring for Your HVAC System in Cape Coral Florida

Nothing says summer like living in Cape Coral, Florida. The warm subtropical climate lends itself to average temperatures of 95 degrees in the peak summer months which can cause a great deal of strain on your HVAC system. There are several preventive measures you can take to ensure your system lasts throughout the entire summer.

Get Biannual Checkups

Although Cape Coral isn’t prone to severe winter weather, it is important that your HVAC system is well maintained throughout the year. Contact your local professional to request maintenance checks in the fall and spring to ensure your system is free of corrosion, leaks and or in need of part replacement.

Remove Debris

Debris like grass clippings, leaves, dust and pine needles can cause problems like blocking coils which should be full exposed to the air outside in order to properly exchange heat. Because airflow is vital for the proper operation of the system, debris should be removed by turning power off to the unit and using a hose without a nozzle to gently wash debris away. Be sure to keep grass that may surround the unit cut low and make sure that shrubbery is planted at least two to three feet away.


Install a Progammable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help to reduce cooling and heating bills up to 10 percent. A multitude of thermostats are available on the market from the very simple, to those that can be controlled via Wi-Fi connected devices that can monitor your usage and automatically make adjustments in temperatures.

Change Filters Regularity

One important system maintenance tip is to regularly change the air-condition filter. When filters become dirty, the system is forced to work harder to move air and lead to poor performance and damage to internal parts. By changing the filter on a regular basis, energy costs to run the system can be lowered and will ensure optimal air quality. You can even purchase reusable air filters that can be rinsed with water once they become dirty.

Perform Visual Inspection

By performing a visual inspection of your HVAC system, you can spot potential issues like water leaks, coils that are frozen over, dirty condenser and evaporator coils that can be inspected and repaired by a qualified HVAC technician. Perform an inspection of the base pain and remove any blockages, inspect the fan blades and monitor for wear and tear and inspect the compressor to ensure for loose or leaking tubing.

Clothes the Windows and Blinds

To keep your system from being overworked during those hot summer months in Cape Coral, be sure to keep the blinds closed during the warmest part of the day. Thermal curtains are a great way to help keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Specialty window tint will help to lower temperatures in rooms that face the sun.

Should you find additional help is needed, be sure to call a qualified technician that provides AC repair services in Cape Coral, Fl.