How to find a reputable engineer to service your boiler

Imagine getting your boiler serviced only for it to stop working or even worse. If you’re one of the Brits who are spending up to £100 million a year to correct work done by unqualified gas engineers, you’ll want to know how to find a reputable workman. Not only do unregistered fitters put you out of pocket, but they can endanger your family’s safety.

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Check the register

You should always use a Gas Safe registered fitter, whether you’re having a boiler fitted, repaired or serviced. The Gas Safe Register allows you to find an engineer near you and determine whether a business is Gas Safe registered. It’s easy to search the Gas Safe Register. Simply enter your postcode and press “send”.

Someone who is trained and registered to deal with gas boilers may not be qualified to fit gas fires and vice versa. Always check your engineer’s qualifications and experience before asking them to do the job.

Look for ID

A Gas Safe registered fitter should always carry their ID card with them, so ask to check it when they arrive to carry out the work. That way you can guarantee they’re qualified to undertake your boiler service. You can check your engineer’s card ID at the Gas Safe Register website. This allows you to confirm that the ID is genuine and that your fitter is qualified to undertake boiler servicing.

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Whether you use an independent company like for Boiler Servicing in Gloucester or you take out a service contract with your energy supplier, their engineers must be able to show this ID card. If they can’t, contact the company immediately.

Use a checklist

You can find checklists for boiler servicing online. Which, the consumer watchdog, offer a free checklist to download. These are invaluable in making sure that your engineer does a full and professional job.

A full service should last at least 30 minutes and should cover visual and operational checks on all safety equipment, seals, flames and flues. A reputable engineer will also remove the boiler case and clean parts as necessary. Finally, they’ll provide a full service report that you can check against their work. If you have any concerns, you can lodge a complaint with the Gas Safe Register.